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What clients are saying

Angie S.

“Jennifer is an excellent coaching facilitator, she has a breadth of knowledge and deep understanding of the coaching process. Thank you so much to Jennifer for helping me to be a better person.”

Scott L.

"Jennifer was incredibly present with me and her guidance was so thoughtful and empowering! I felt safe to be vulnerable, and my mental and emotional shifts have been transformational!"

Micheal B.

"I've never met someone who is so committed to being present in the moment, even in the face of her deepest fears.  Such a powerful guide!"


"While working with Jennifer, I became more clear and certain about my life goals. I made some breakthrough discoveries about personal challenges that were influencing the type of people that I was attracting in the business world. I feel more self-confident and secure and appreciate myself more than ever."


"As I went through the coaching process I learned how to bring more awareness to my thoughts which enhances my ability to make better choices. Time spent with Jennifer helped me to re-think and reevaluate myself. I feel deeply connected and empowered by knowing my truest self."


"Your coaching session with me was very powerful. Thank you for new insights into my past and taking me through EFT. You certainly helped me to realize I have power now to stay safe."

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