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jennifer Christine

Transformation Inspires me! I want to make a difference by sharing my expertise and personal experience in this co-creative process of coaching. I work with clients who are ready to level up in their life to create great clarity and change. I love to be a part of this journey, to witness people live their most joyful life possible.



I was born and raised in Minnesota. In high school that all changed when I moved to Santa Barbara. It was a shock to leave family and familiar behind, but I'm grateful for the values that were instilled in me as a child about the importance of family, tradition, and community. Being a mother and stepmother, divorced and happily re-partnered, I have a strong understanding of what it takes to create and support a resilient family through life's joys and challenges. I also have a strong understanding of personal transformation, recreating oneself, asking for help, and doing the work. I believe that everything that happens is a gift, sometimes we can't see how it is for us, until later.

Education & Experience

If you asked me when I was nine years old what I wanted to be when I grew up, I'd tell you "I want to be a therapist!'' I was clear at an early age what my purpose was and what held my attention. I earned a degree in psychology as an undergraduate and then worked at a youth crisis shelter for two long years.  I then earned my Master's degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003, and have worked in mental health for almost two decades since then. My experience at the shelter in addition to later work at a drug and alcohol center, the psychiatric ward, and facilitating one-on-one therapy has all been a part of becoming who I always wanted to be. Becoming a mother in 2004 led to an exploration of the wider world of spiritual and energy psychology. I am now certified in EFT, HBLU, Enneagram, and Q-Process Coaching. I love learning and am always reading and researching new ways to explore and understand the journey of life.


I love to be with my family—they bring me so much joy. It is an incredible gift to watch my children grow into teenagers. I cherish our meals together, our errands, t.v. time and travel adventures.

I love to run, workout, and move my body. I love to garden. I nerd out on psychology and spiritual books, and podcasts. They inspire me. You can find a list of my favorites in the resource page.

I'm obsessed with the ocean, the smell of the sea air makes me feel deeply connected to everything, a feeling that is difficult to put into words. Doing anything on the ocean is a perfect way to spend the day in my book!

"You're always one decision away from a totally different life." –Mark Batterson

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