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Revealing the Truth of who you are:

What does this mean, the Truth of me?? Aren't I always the true me?

When we are in a state of joy we are in our purest state of Self. When we are compassionate, conscious, generous and open to giving and receiving love we are being expressions of our Truth. This Truth of who we are can have many names; our highest self, our divine self or our best self.

We are born in to this world as our true self, perfect little beings, full of love and joy. Open to giving and receiving love, vulnerable and needing care. Over time our human side evolves through experiences and events. People and experiences influence the way we think of ourselves and others. Some of our thinking is positive and some negative. We begin to believe our thoughts without question. The thoughts begin to erode the memory of the Truth. We begin to forget that we are perfect loving creatures here to experience and learn and create from a place of joy.

When I am not my TRUE Self, then who Am I?

This side has many names; the human self, ego, shadow or paradigm. The human side of us helps us to survive and has an important role to play as protector. But it can also cause harm to self and others by making up stories and misunderstanding events. The stories can create limiting beliefs that hold us back. Negative stories create negative feelings about ourself and others which can lead to low self-esteem and mistrust. There are good reasons for this human side to show up but most often it doesn’t serve us. If we stay in our True Self and the qualities of the Truth of who we are, we can approach each situation from a place of love.

Our thinking is powerful!

When we have a negative thought and we take the time to question the thought, we begin to experience transformation. Our thinking dictates the way we feel. How would you like to feel? Every event requires a response, if we meet the event from a place of our True Self qualities, then we are more likely to get the best outcome possible. We hold the power to choose what we think and feel, what will you choose?

When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near truth. ~ Rumi

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1 Comment

Wow! Very well-written! I love the question. And that "there is always a response."

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