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Change, It Is Happening Now!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

How to handle the discomfort of constant change.

Change can be uncomfortable for all of us. We are creatures of habit and we want to know what to expect every moment of the day. In fact, our brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort, and that is why habits emerge in our daily routine. We are comforted by routine at a biological level. So when something big or small changes, we have to be with the discomfort that it brings. Sometimes decisions need to be made and sometimes we have no choice in the change which can create a sense of powerlessness.

Most of us have heard the saying, "The only constant that we can count on is Change". In other words, nothing stays the same and we can count on that. This can be a scary statement, creating a feeling of vulnerability and uneasiness. The unknown can also create a feeling of instability, fear and wonder. But what evolves from change can be a beautiful outcome.

We are constant creators, as human beings, and when we have a thought, a wish or a desire, we are bound to manifest, to create a change in order to make that thought, wish or desire a reality. Sometimes we are invoking change simply by having a new idea or desire in the first place.

As we go through this journey of life, we want to use our creativity to evolve and learn. We have to make space for change even when it is uncomfortable. This is a key part to being the creator of our reality.

These steps below can help us move through the discomfort of change and appreciate the surprise and joy that change can bring.

1. Be gentle with yourself. Do something that makes you feel good or comforted and use positive self-talk. This will increase your sense of calm and wellbeing.

2. Look for the good in all that you see. You can look for good by writing a list of all of the positive that might come from the shift that is happening in your life. Sometimes this is difficult or even impossible to see the good in the present moment but hold space for the future where there is an unknown gift that comes from the change.

3. Practice mindfulness or meditation: This is an activity where you sit in silence and simply be in the moment. This can calm the body and brain, as well as elicit unexpected answers or ideas to the situation that you otherwise may not have thought of.

4. Be grateful: To find gratitude, make a list in your mind or on paper. Even if it's back to the basics, you can always be grateful for this breath, this step, the sun, etc.

5. Ask for help if you need it: Sometimes we need others and that creates a sense of connectedness as we get through the changes in life. Connection with others can help to give us a new perspective or to just feel seen. Ask to talk with a friend or a professional when you feel a need for support.

Change is always uncertain, especially to creatures of habit -- like us. These tips will help you to embrace change and be hopeful for the future.

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