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You are capable of achieving all of your dreams. There is no limit to what you're capable of.

Take your life goals into a coaching conversation.

Your Life Coach to Clarity, Change and Impact


Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology
Master Coach & Counselor

Unlock your potential and create your best life! I blend strategy with profound inner work for true transformation. My high-touch coaching & counseling style is tailored to gain clarity and create change and meaningful impact.

Do you feel what I call the "Divine Discontent"? You know there is more but you're not sure what it is that is calling for your attention?

I have been there! After years of working in the mental health field, consulting, training and going through my own life transitions, I'm here to help guide you into an aligned and abundant life. 

Jennifer Christine


My mission is to use the co-creative process of coaching in the pursuit of joy through transformation.



Lacey Rose Gorden, client


Emotional wellness is accelerated when we align our spirit, body, and mind.
I hope that you find joy and wisdom from some of my tried and true tools.



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